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It's a simple notion really, just let it sink in for a moment..."today, not someday". Now, I'm not trying to get all 'Instagram Influencer' on you guys but I recently came to hear this little phrase and it really it resonated hard. I will confess that "I'll do it someday" is well engrained into my vocabulary...funnily enough, it never arises when asked to go to a pub!

It's normally at the moments in life when you know that there is something you want to get done...just 'not right now'. Why is that? What's that about? You know what I'm talking about, large or small, the tasks we know we so desperately want to accomplish or complete but...but...Netflix, bars, festivals...SUMMER! Someday I'll go through my old clothes... Someday I'll re-decorate... Someday I'll try that restaurant; we all have our own multitude of 'somedays'.

I started to think about all of the 'somedays' I have at this moment in time and sort of sat there staring into the blankness about everything I'm putting off. After a moment however, a calmness over came for I started to think of the 'somedays' that I have done or am currently in the process of - I have started to learn Spanish, I did go to that restaurant, I did finish that book finally and no I have not yet gone through everything in my room and had a clear out but I mean c'mon, I wore that shirt to Reading festival in 2008 so how could I possibly?!

Careers are something that I often hear people say they'll someday change, they'll someday look at what's out there and someday take a chance at. The stress that can bear down on you looking for what's out there, wondering what it is you can get and if it would at all be worthwhile; what it would be like to join a new team knowing absolutely nothing about a company or their working dynamics. It can all weigh heavy that the prospect of doing so is often pushed in to a - yep, you guessed it - a. Some. Day. Task.

So there I was, deep in thought like some Rodin statue and I realised, more than a year in, that the recruitment world is essentially a way of taking that 'someday' away from others! I have the opportunity to help another individual clear out their own mental clutter and tell them, today, what opportunities are out there for them - and how cool is that?! All of those worries people have and all of the reasons some may be on the fence about a potential move - I can answer. We know all of our clients - we've been there, we've met them, looked around the offices and chatted to the employees; we now have just over 200 up and down the country! We know what they're realistically going to pay and what the culture is going to be like and we will tell you so - why waste either of our times to sell a pipe dream?! That's not why I got into this, and from learning the ways of my Director, I've learnt that sales can and more importantly very much should have a human side to it.

Yes, of course, financial gain is important and we all need to cover the rent and pay our phone bill - but what a miserable way to do so if at the detriment of others? Is it such a foreign idea to want to make money and indeed help people along the way? Of course, we're not saving lives or creating world peace I'm fully aware of that - but for those of you like me who may be sitting there pondering when that someday will come... we can and want to help you get there - TODAY.

The other somedays I'm afraid you'll have to work out alone, but if you're aware of them then that's the start to get the ball rolling and when you it crosses your mind that "someday I'll"...then think about doing it today; I suggest you start small and work you're way up

...and on that note, I'm off to tackle this mess of a wardrobe, whether the Reading shirt makes the cut is yet to be known.

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