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And I couldn't help but wonder...would a candidate ignore me again?

As a trained actor, 6 years out of drama school, I'm often told by friends "can't you just get a job in a TV show?" or "why don't you just find a West End role?" yeah sure Karen, I'll just see if Game of Thrones have got any are lines going for me shall I?

(Please note, this is not a personal attack on the Karens of the world. I simply plucked it from thin air and it worked for the joke, in hindsight, Susan would have worked equally as well)

Having spent most of my working life in hospitality, a friend of mine that started up his own headhunting agency a few years ago decided to take me on board and show me the ropes of the world of recruitment and so began a career in sales.

To give you an idea of how little I knew of this world, I spent my first day learning what on earth the word "recruitment" even meant - (I say first day- sometimes I'm still figuring it out...but isn't that life?) I didn't understand what a warm desk meant - were these offices to be heated? If it was a hot desk would this not be unbearable? Is this why the job has opened up? I can already look back on my stupidity with fondness and can laugh at these recruitment memes as much as the next person.

As the weeks have gone by, I have learned many a lesson and faced a fair few unsettling instances already. On my second week, a company threatened to sue me on the grounds that I was headhunting their staff. I panicked, I freaked...then I remembered the guy who screamed in my face for "ruining his life" upon serving him cold fries...and I remained calm; it's not so different after all, I thought to myself, it's people's dealing with whatever and whoever is in front of you in a way that is suitable to them....and so I turned the situation upside down - and they became my client and actually some of the best people I've worked with thus far.

I have had candidates both disappear on me and not show up to interview or cancel moments before, I've been "trolled" via LinkedIn comments (literally didn't even think this would be an issue) and most recently just ended an initial call with a candidate with "Love you" - they took it this space.

Needless to say...I may not have been doing this a long time, nor am I finished learning all there is to know - but you know what? I enjoy it and isn't that the main thing we all want? I can work it around my schedule when I have to pop out to an audition to screw a light bulb in (true story - didn't get the role...not quite sure where I went wrong with that one), I get to deal with people everyday which I love, I find out what they enjoy and what would be really attractive to them to make them that little bit happier. Additionally I work with some fabulous clients who have their heart fully into the business, they look after their employees as they would their own kids and create a truly empowering and inspiring culture to be in.

What's in store for next week? I'm not too sure.

What will I be doing tomorrow? I also don't know's recruitment, it's up and it's down, but at least I'll know I'll be enjoying myself. If you're fine where you are, then honestly I couldn't be happier for you. It's a fine thing to go to bed on a Sunday without the Monday blues.

However, if you think you could be happier elsewhere, then that's what I'm here for, so get in touch. We'll chat, we can find out more about each other and see if I can get something set up that will tick all the boxes for you...I may even say "I love you"...although on second thoughts I can't deal with another side-eye from Karen across the room from me...OH! so that's where that came from.

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